Olin House



The Parsonage building attached to our church served for many years as the home of our pastor. Pastor Olin and his family lived there for a long time and was the last pastor who used the house.

Then for 10-15 years the house was rented to the State for use as a group home. During a huge renovation of our church and facilities, the group home and its residents relocated.

The wear and tear on the Parsonage left the house in disrepair. It was repaired to some extent by our men’s club, and groups in the congregation would use it for work space.

Then, the downstairs of the Parsonage became the administrative office of Lutheran Campus Ministries. One room was an office for the Campus Ministries Pastor and it became a place for peer ministers and others to gather. Before long it was dedicated and named the Olin House.

Still, the house needed work. Extensive renovations were made to the house and every room was updated or totally redone. The entire house is now the home of four peer ministers. It is the site of regular and special Lutheran Campus Ministries meetings and gatherings, and worship events.

This section of our web site is offered to Lutheran Campus Ministries and those who reside in the house to post their activities and tell us about what is happening.