~The Comforters~

The Comforters meet beginning at 10:00 a.m. on the first Wednesday of each month from September to June.  The Comforters includes the ministries for Prayer Shawls, Quilters, and Baptismal Blankets, and Confirmation Shawls.  

Benefactors of this ministry have been Haven House, the Cancer Ward at Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the mission in Nicaragua, the Erie County Home, nursing homes and Harvest House Baby and Children’s Ministry.

Bring a brown bag lunch.  We break at noon and gather at the kitchen table and eat lunch.  A hostess of the month will bring dessert.

In December and June everyone brings a dish to share and we have a pot luck lunch.  The hostess will bring dessert for everyone.

In January, everyone brings cookies (probably left over from Christmas) to share with everyone for dessert.

Everyone busy working!


The quilters…….


You Can Help…….even if you can’t come to our meetings:

  • Donate yarn – If you have yarn you are not going to use, or partial skeins left over from completed projects, we would be glad to have it.  We use worsted yarn for the lap robes, sport yarn for the baby hats and blankets.  Prayer shawls are made with the more varied yarns, but we take ALL yarn, sort it, and use it as we can.
  • Donate unfinished projects.
  • Knit or crochet baby hats
  • Make Prayer Shawls
  • Knit Lap Robe (LR) Squares – These aren’t actually square.  They are 30 stitches by 50 rows and usually measure 7½ inches across by 10 inches long.
    Use size 10 knitting needles and #4 worsted yarn–any color.  Cast on 30 stitches.
    Starting with a knit row, work 50 rows of stockinette stitch, ending with a pearl row.  Cast off.  Leave a 6” tail at beginning and end.  Do not weave in ends.