Our Mission

Many churches, businesses, schools and organizations have a mission statement.  Maybe it is written down, or on a poster, or on the letterhead.  Maybe, if you’re lucky, some of their members might be able to recite it word for word.

St. Paul’s is becoming their mission.  For years, these words have been in place as the mission of St. Paul’s….Empowered by the gospel of Jesus Christ, St. Paul’s will enrich faith, nourish lives and demonstrate God’s love in the world.  They were printed many places and some people could tell you the whole statement.

But church can’t just be about words anymore.  Church community should be alive and adjusting.  Living and breathing.  Adapting and growing.  Future focused, not past.

So starting back in 2011 in a period of transition, St. Paul’s began to break this mission open and explore how God was calling this church to redevelop.  As they did, the mission became simpler: Empowering with the good news of Jesus Christ.  And God’s vision became clearer: St Paul’s will help you Seek Connections, Enrich Faith, Nourish Lives, Demonstrate God’s love in the world!

So as St. Paul’s moves into its future filled with hope and joy, this community will be empowering with the good news of Jesus Christ in everything it does!  You will notice this on Sunday mornings with uplifting, joy filled worship; staff and volunteers here to empower you; new initiatives and ventures that risk and boldly seek to follow God’s call to impact the world; and programs and gatherings that will help others connect to God and one another.

St. Paul’s is redeveloping for the future.  We welcome you to join us.